Do you like Raceroom (R3E) ? Do you enjoy WTCR content? or do you just love Touring Car Racing!? the thrill of the close battles, the gentle rub of door handles, and three cars wide into corners!? If so please join us on RACE NIGHT! Wednesday evenings from 7pm!! Our dedicated practice/ race server runs 24/7!! so get in as much or as little practice as possible! We're actively looking for dedicated (and not so) drivers of ALL ABILITIES to join us for weekly race evenings & practice, then… STARTING AUGUST 6TH the first of our block championships. 9 ROUNDS of high octane, battle intense, door to door racing! We have drivers of all abilities so come join us and help build a larger community to assist and support drivers in reaching their goals!! We also have a Discord channel for race news, upcoming events, friendship building, chat and advice LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU ON TRACK! CHAMPIONSHIP RULES:- All 2018-2022 WTCR cars and TC Cup cars are available for selection, but please only 1 driver per livery (first come first serve) There is no Bop (balance of power) applied to any cars. This is a fixed setup championship. Tyre wear will be set at x2 Grid positions for race 1 will be set via the open qualifying session, race 2 grid will be set by race 1 finishing positions and race 3 grid will be a random number generator reverse grid drawn from 8th position backwards. SUCCESS BALLAST:- In an attempt to keep the racing as close as possible, success ballast will be applied to the top 6 in the driver standings after round 1. The ballast will be applied for the following round and is to be carried through all 3 races of that round. BALLAST ALLOCATION:- P1. 60kg P2. 50kg P3. 40kg P4. 30kg P5. 20kg P6. 10kg OVERTAKING, CONTACT & INCIDENT POINTS & INCIDENT REPORTING:- During attempting an overtake league rules are that a cars width to the edge of the track limits must be left at all times, it IS NOT acceptable to attempt a pass, open the steering and run the other car off the circuit. A car MUST be given room if they are at or alongside the drivers door pillar, YOU MUST NOT just turn in as if they are not there. In the event of contact, if you believe you were at fault, please wait for the driver to recover and return the position, if they have spun please move off the racing line out of the way, wait or continue slowly off the racing line, and return the position. If you believe the incident to be 50/50 continue to race as normal. If you believe the incident not to be your fault, continue to race as normal. If you are involved in an incident and believe another driver to be at fault. Please report it to admin through discord. ANY reports to admin regarding drivers being abused publicly or privately over an incident will result in disciplinary action. Incident report is to be submitted to admin after a 24hour “cooling off” period. Earliest incident submission 5pm Thursday evening. Incident report is to contain race number, lap number, cars involved and a brief description of the incident. INCIDENT POINT LIMIT WILL BE SET TO 30 it is on you to control and regulate your incident points, NO Championship points will be scored in the event of a disqualification. ROUND 5:- DONNINGTON NATIONAL At round 5, the midway point of the season, the race evening will take on a different format. It will have a sprint race (15m race) and a feature race (30 min race) with a pit stop. The grid for the feature race will be random drawn reverse grid, the same as race 3 at all other rounds. PIT STOP:- In the feature race it is ONLY required that you change 2 tyres, It is driver choice if they wish to run lighter and add fuel at the pit stop.


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TCSRL S1 Round 1 races 1,2 & 3
Autodrom Most - Grand Prix
0 7 5

TCSRL S1 Round 2 races 4,5 & 6
Slovakia Ring - Grand Prix
0 12 0

TCSRL S1 Round 3 races 7,8 & 9
Silverstone Circuit - International
0 12 0

TCSRL S1 Round 4 races 10,11 & 12
Suzuka Circuit - Grand Prix
0 12 0

TCSRL S1 Round 5 races 13 & 14
Donington Park - National
0 12 0

TCSRL S1 Round 6 races 15, 16 & 17
Sepang - Grand Prix
0 12 0

TCSRL S1 Round 7 races 18, 19 & 20
Interlagos - Grand Prix
0 12 0

TCSRL S1 Round 8 races 21, 22 & 23
Nürburgring - Grand Prix Fast Chicane
0 12 0

TCSRL S1 Round 9 races 24, 25 & 26
Salzburgring - Grand Prix
0 12 0